Despite of only meeting Sharanya Ma’am virtually, her way of teaching has been very helpful and efficient to me. She has not only taught me the way of growing as a singer but also as an artist. Music is what I’m passionate about and Sharanya Ma’am has been one of the best mentors to guide me the road through it. She is someone who let’s you discover your own voice and grow at your own pace than someone who provides you with already made rules and then moulding you into it. Her classes feel not only vocally but spiritually and mentally enriching.
About Ma’am’s personality, she is the sweetest and kindest teacher ever to me. She is always approachable and very patient with me. She always makes sure I know what I’m good at but also know what I need to work on. It’s a balance which I love as it really shows that she just wants me to grow as a singer/artist.
She is awesome ! And her classes are a mix of learning and enjoying at the same time which I absolutely love!
She is an inspiration and I adore her ! ❤️

Dhrupadi Das

Sharanya miss is hands down one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’m thankful to have had the privilege to learn under her. She employs the most unusual techniques that so efficiently solve singing problems it’s insane. Her ever positive demeanour and spiritual guru like advice helps me in not just singing, but life in general. I love singing class and I look forward to the next one from the moment it ends. She turned my entire singing voice around in a month and change, thanks to her I will never look at singing the same way again. She is also always encouraging us students to put ourselves out there and gives us platforms to perform, I couldn’t think of anyone who puts more effort into wholistic development of a student.

Pashwa Shah

Sharanya Ma’am.
Where to begin. I was a tone deaf person who has a dream of becoming a singer. I was lost and confused and doubtful about my own abilities.
Then in 2015 I met Sharanya Ma’am and everything changed.
From my mindset to my skills. She’s not only a vocal coach but a very cute musical magician.
Never once has she made me or any of her students feel like we were less than a superstar.
She doesn’t only teach music but she teaches her students a way of life.
I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and a friend.

Riddhi Joshi

“Sharanya ma’am has been a great mentor through out. She is amazing at what she does. She did not only teach me music, but so much more about life in general. She’s been more than a teacher, she’s been a sister and a friend to me. She taught me technicals and lessons that nobody else did. She’s the best teacher I’ve had. Always so supportive, encouraging and pushing me to do more everytime. She understands an individual and goes about the teaching process accordingly which I think is great. She focuses on every detail and inspires you to keep getting better. I am so glad I trained under her for four years and I couldn’t have had a better teacher for this.❤️❤️❤️❤️ “- Palak Bheda

Sharanya is a lovely human being I ever met! She is not only extremely talented singer she is actually a very well prepared, high spirited voice coach , she is always in a spirit of giving & sharing . She truly believes in the unique capabilities of each of her students , completely non judgmental & that’s what her USP , this generated huge hope in my life when I started with her & it was a time when I had no song to sing & today here I am under her guidance started performing in concerts !
I am extremely indebted to her for all the love & kindness she showered on me as a teacher & friend & also for her most useful insightful training, which has a healing touch & I always look forward to the schedule day of our class as if I am ushering yet another the day of fresh breeze & fresh , Joyful learning & growth ! A Day of fresh Hope ! Love you dear & wish you stupendous success in your life

Sima Raj

“When I approached Sharanya, I had specific areas that I wanted to develop in my singing. But what I got in return was a vast knowledge of vocal technique, physical preparedness, stage presence and emotional development. I was mind blown at all the areas in singing that I developed that I had never even thought of. I am truly blessed to have been coached by her and grateful for her advise and friendship which has helped me a big deal in my performances and musical career.”- Ryan Crasto

Learning music with Sharanya has been a highlight of my week since i started my vocal training. Our music classes are not just learning the correct notes and techniques, but also being a better artist, learning to express with art as not just a bunch of rules but as an embodiment of us as artists. Sharanya has been a brilliant teacher and a true mentor and an absolute joy to learn from!

-Anjani Soni

“A mentor, teacher and counsellor par excellence! One learns musicalities, notations, & all aspects of performing arts. Beyond everything, Sharanya is an exceptional human being, who brings out the best in you! Helps you rise as a meteoric star on the firmament of music.”

Kumudini Ved

” I really feel grateful for having Sharanya in my life as a mentor. Before meeting her I was naive and guarded, but her guidance helped me recognise the real me and my potential. She has helped me in recognising my strength and performance, guided me in defining my vocals and building emotional capabilities and helped me understand the importance of staging . Because of her i found many newer versions of me. She is just not my mentor but a life coach and guide and I feel really blessed to meet her and have her presence in my life . It’s always like a party with her … her energy is infectious .. 💓💓She has made me a different person. Her perspectives are unique. The way she explains the music, the psychology and the way she makes me feel and think about myself … I feel more open, free, more secured, less guarded, more confident and expressive. in this 1.5 years journey, I’m not just a new artist and singer but a complete new person.. I am still learning and becoming a new version everyday and She is a huge support system for me ! I reached out for a teacher and got a friend for life , a mentor for life .. I love you”

Bhaswati Sengupta

When you talk of your teachers in your life the ones you remember are the ones who have made a change in your life, made a difference to your life. Once such teacher is Sharanya Natrajan. Such a wonderful person, down to earth, approachable and a great human being.  Music has always been my passion but mam has been the guide to achieving this passion. She is always so calm and composed. Never angry or frustrated with any of her students even though we might make mistakes time and again.  She is very approachable and always there to solve your queries and doubts. Singing is one thing, but performing is much higher.  Mam not only helps you out as a singer but shows you ways and means to grow as an artist and a performer. She lets each one develop at their own pace. Tells us what we are good at and what areas we need to improve. I Thought that from the classroom the virtual classes would be a bore, but mama has the technique and the talent to make those classes much more interesting then the off line ones. Her classes are not just about singing, but lot of learning and enjoyment as well. Thanks mam for coming into my life and making it so beautiful, enriching, enjoyable and fulfilling. So blessed to be your student.  Three cheers to u mam. Keep up the good work.

Nihal D’Sa

“You are a beautiful person inside out. I really enjoy all the vocals classes with you. You are full of positivity and love. I love your voice. You are an inspiration to all of us!” – Neha Agrawal